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Steven Mosier

My career as a graphic designer began in the summer of 1999 when I did layouts for the K-Mart Weekly Saturday Insert. Upon graduating with honors the following year from the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, I accepted an internship at the Netherlands design studio LUST. I spent a wonderfully formative four months in Holland, learning the dynamics of collaborating with creative clientele, as well as the underlying truth that design without function serves little to no purpose.

I moved to New York after completing the internship and through the CCS alumni network I was introduced to Alan Hill, who became a pivotal mentor and friend. He impressed upon me the importance of approaching design work in New York with an increased level of precision and speed, starting with the initial idea and ushering it through to the final, realized product. Under his tutelage I worked on a wide range of projects, including book cover design, SUNY Purchases Calendars, Distributed Art Publishers catalogues, and Real Estate Marketing.

During this period, I also honed my skills through a number of major freelance jobs such as Ford's 2002 North American International Auto Show exhibition in Detroit, Michigan, the redesign of the NASDAQ Marketsite's Times Square display, and the Museum of Modern Art's temporary home in Queens during the renovation of their Manhattan headquarters.

My brand work with MoMA led to working with the Socrates Sculpture Park, The Blanton Museum at the University of Texas, and ultimately to Phillips Auction house, where I was overseeing exhibition design and advertising. In 2013 I reconnected back with Alan Hill Design where the focus is now Real Estate Marketing and Branding for new property. I've also recently completed a book design titled, Outdoor Gallery by Yoav Litvin.

Lately my career has connected with my sports and fitness lifestyle and it has helped me connect to some new fitness brands as well as some rather important companies in the sports and fitness industry, Lululemon and Reebok Spartan Race. I'm able to add some additional tools while adding my expertise in branding and clean design. My lifestyle also has given me the ability to experience outstanding events therefore helping me to consult these brands and others on their way to putting their best foot forward. 

Hobbies: Ice Hockey Player, Coach, Fan | Crossfit | Yoga | Running | Snowboarding | Softball | Music History | Football | Enjoying Bourbon on the Rocks | Sports Fashion | Men's Fashion | Beard Products | Marvel Comics and Films | Horror Movies | Kiehl's | My Detroit and Family Heritage and History

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